Our Direct Cremation Package is

$995.00 if the death occurs in  Maryland,
 $1595.00 if the death occurs in DC, 
$1595.00 if the death occurs in  N. Virginia

Going Home Cremation Service
offers a Direct Cremation Package which includes:
- Services of the staff )
- Removal of the deceased from the place of death
- Identification of the deceased
- Obtaining and filing the death certificate
- Transportation of the deceased to the crematory
- Crematory Fee
- Return of the cremated remains, merchandise, and death certificates back to the family.

*Other merchandise (urn, prayer cards etc.) and cash advance items
(death certificates, death notice) are not included in this price.

*Direct Cremation Package in Maryland is $995., DC $1595. and N. VA is $1595. In DC and N.VA the price includes the medical examiner fees, and courier fees to process the paperwork through the Medical Examiner/Coroner office.

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Going Home Cremation Service is committed to providing families with the highest level of personal service at an affordable price. Since we opened our doors in July 2001 we have NOT raised the price of our Direct Cremation Package in Maryland. Although, our overhead expenses have increased (fuel, insurance, crematory fees, etc.) we remain committed to providing our families with a lower cost alternative for cremation services. Unfortunately, due to increasing overhead expenses, on January 5, 2013 the price of our direct cremation package in Maryland is $995.00
How have we been able to keep our Direct Cremation Price the same in spite of increasing cost?

Thanks to the 6500+ families who have used our service we have been able to maintain our direct cremation price. Word of mouth is the best advertising a business can get, and thanks to the families that we have provided our service to, we get 70-75% of our calls word of mouth.  Therefore, we have been able decrease our advertising expenses and absorb the increasing overhead expenses, without raising the price of our Direct Cremation Package. We are as committed to our families as we are to our prices!


Memorial Merchandise
Going Home Cremation Service also offers a complete line of memorial sevice merchandise which includes:
- Urns
- Urn Vaults
- Register Books
- Custom Prayer Cards
- Acknowledgment Cards.
Click Here for more information about Our Merchandise