Going Home Cremation Service is affiliated with Final Journey Crematory, Inc. Final Journey Crematory is a brand new state of the art facility that opened June 2009.

Final Journey Crematory, Inc was designed with the comfort of your family in mind. Final Journey Crematory, Inc. offers a private, comfortable family room for those who want to witness the start of  the cremation of their loved one.

Final Journey Crematory, Inc. provides:

  • A clean, attractive facility located on a beautifully landscaped lot
  • A private room where your family can witness the start of the cremation of your loved one
  • Refrigeration of remains
  • Friendly and professional staff

Below are comments from families who have visited Final Journey Crematory:

      The crematory staff was very friendly and professional.

      I never imagined a crematory being so warm and inviting.

      I have never been to a crematory before and really did not know what to expect. Final Journey  Crematory has been a very  pleasant first time experience.

     The crematory and the surroundings are pleasant and peaceful. It adds a sense of peace and serenity to a tragic situation.

     I feel like I am at home in my living room.

Crematory Tours

We offer crematory tours to the general public. With the increasing interest in cremation, we believe it is important for people to get complete and correct information about cremation. Therefore, we offer free tours of the crematory, which includes a question and answer session. The crematory tours are open to groups of 5 or more and can be scheduled by calling (410) 442-3662 or (301) 854-9038 or toll free at 1(866)728-4663.

If you are unable to tour the crematory, please scroll down to see pictures of Final Journey Crematory.

    The Cremation Process

    Many people have questions about the cremation process. Here is a brief explanation of the cremation process.

    The *body is placed in a retort (cremation chamber) where a heat and evaporation process reduces the body to its' basic elements. These elements are commonly refer to as cremated remains or cremains. However, these resulting elements are actually bone fragments. The fragments are then processed, which reduces the amount of space that is required to hold them. The complete process takes 2-4 hours, and generally results in 3-9 pounds of cremated remains, which are commonly called "ashes". The cremated remains or "ashes" are then placed in a permanent urn or temporary cremains container that is suitable for transportation.

    *It is important to note that only one body is placed in the retort at a time*