Frequently Asked Questions

How do we make arrangements for cremation?
Call our office at (410)442-3662 ( Balto. Metro Area) (301)854-9038 (D.C. Metro Area) or 1-(866)728-4663 toll free from U.S. Our staff will give you options for completing the required paperwork depending on if the circumstances are before death occurs or after the death occurs.

How do we make cremation arrangements for a family member who lives in your service area if we live out of town? 
If the person who is responsible for making arrangements is not in town we can send the necessary paperwork by fax or email. However, we will still need someone local that is authorized to complete the identification process.

Where do we provide our services? 
Going Home Cremation Service has provided our services for families from Deep Creek Lake to Ocean City in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and N. Virginia. 

How many certified copies of the death certificate do we need?
You will need one certified copy for every legal transaction that will take place. In other words, you will need one for each life insurance policy, bank account, retirement fund, stocks, bonds, real estate, taxes, motor vehicle, and credit card accounts that the deceased persons name is on. The general "rule of thumb" is 10-12 for the average size estate. Some people need more, some need less. If you are working with an attorney it is a good idea to seek their advice.

How much do certified copies of the death certificates cost?
In Maryland certified copies of the death certificate cost $10.00 for the 1st certified copy and $12.00 for each additional certified copy with the same order, in Washington D.C. they cost $18.00 each, and in N. Virginia they are $12.00 each. The death certificate is filed in the state where the death occurs, regardless of where the person lived.

Does Going Home Cremation Service mark up the cost of cash advance items?
 No, we do not mark up the cost of cash advance items. Cash advance items are death certificates, crematory fees, and other purchases made on behalf of the family.  Unlike many funeral homes, we charge our families exactly the same amount that they cost us.

How long does it take to get the cremated remains (ashes) and death certificates?
If the death occurs in Maryland, we can usually return the death certificates and cremated remains back to the family within 72 hours after the death certificate is signed; in Washington D.C. within 72 hours of the Medical Examiner approving  the cremation. (In  Washington D.C. and N. Virginia all cremations must be approved by the Medical Examiner. This process requires extra time and paperwork.
) T.hese times are approximate and do not include weekends or holidays

How do we get the cremated remains (ashes) and death certificates?
After we obtain death certificates, and the cremation process is completed, we will contact you to make arrangements to deliver the ashes, death certificates, and any other merchandise you purchased. We will return everything to you at your home or other place convenient for you, at a time that is convenient for you. There is NO ADDITIONAL COST for this service, however the contract must paid in full for us to provide delivery. 

If we order an urn does it take longer to get the ashes back?
 No, it usually does not take longer if an urn is ordered. The urn companies that we deal with are reputable companies who keep a significant number of their products in stock. For families who choose to have an urn engraved, They are set up to engrave products quickly and in most cases ship the same day that the order is placed.

If we don't order an urn what are the cremated remains (ashes) returned in? If an urn is not purchased, we return the cremated remains in a temporary cremains container. This is a black vinyl rectangular box with a snap lid that is 6 1/4" w x 8 1/4" h x 4" d. This container is suitable for transportation.

Reasons why families use and recommend Going Home Cremation Service

  • We own our crematory, so your loved one is in our care throughout the process*
  • Friendly, caring, supportive, and professional staff
  • One phone call and everything is taken care of from beginning to end
  • The convenience of not having to leave the comfort of their home to do paperwork*
  • Cremated remains and death certificates are delivered to the family
  • Affordable prices (lowest in most areas)
  • Do not "push" unwanted products or services
  • No hidden costs
  • Easy to understand General Price List (GPL)
  • Knowledge of community based resources to assist families

*If the Next of Kin or someone who is designated by the Next of Kin is not available at the time of removal, the Next of Kin or person authorized will have to complete the identification at our facility.
Please talk to one of our morticians about MD Law and required identification.

About Bev Heckrotte
Beverly L. Heckrotte has been working in the deathcare industry since 1997. She graduated with high honors from the Mortuary Science Program at the Community College of Baltimore County - Catonsville Campus, and is a licensed mortician in Maryland. She is highly dedicated to providing families with personalized, professional service to ease the burden of the family at a difficult time.

Below are comments from families about the personalized service they received.

"Thank you for making this terrible journey much easier"

Norman, Silver Spring

"Thank you very much for your gentle and straightforward services to me with regards to my mothers' death...I know, too, that my mother would have also have appreciated you."

Ruth, Bethesda

" let you know how very much my children and I appreciate (your) services...(you) guided us patiently through the intricacies of cremation."

Leonie, Greenbelt

"Thank you so very much for the incredible kindness you showed to my daughter...and me on the loss of my brother. Your special efforts made a potentially frightening situation a very positive, fulfilling, and demystifying experience."

Christina, Silver Spring

"I felt very comfortable with you...(you were) respectful, competent, and without airs or pretensions."

Ruth, Oregon

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